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Need a marina appraisal?

Let’s face it – marinas are special purpose properties.  They have lots of elements of businesses along with the real estate, which is expertise your jack-of-all-trades commercial appraiser doesn’t have.  That’s why you need a marina valuation expert to value them properly.  Do you want an appraisal or a marina appraisal?

Need a marina appraisal review?

Perhaps you’ve already ordered an appraisal and need to do a review to see if the value and conclusions are reasonable.  Do you rarely lend on marinas?  Do you have the expertise in marina appraisals?  If not, we can review your appraisal using a level of marina expertise you won’t find anywhere.  You’ll get the best marina appraisal review there is.

John Simpson, MAI is the foremost marina appraisal expert in the country.  This level of knowledge is just what you need to help you peg the correct market value.  And we’re perfectly able to give you a market value that’s accurate even if the one you’ve got isn’t.  You’ll find some examples of properties we’ve reviewed in our recent marina valuation portfolio.

Find out what many other lenders and attorneys have discovered – that a review appraisal from the industry expert provides the highest level of confidence.  Simply call us or email us to discuss your situation.  We’ll take a quick look at your appraisal to see if it is deficient and if the value is suspect.

Do I have a bad appraisal?

Though we’re not giving away the store, check out the blogs below to see if the appraisal you’ve got in your hands needs some review appraisal help from the marina valuation expert.

What do I get if I hire to do a review?

The simple answer is a level of marina industry and valuation knowledge you won’t find anywhere else.  Check out the blogs below to see some of the things we know that your general purpose appraiser doesn’t.

Oh, don’t worry.  We haven’t given away the store.   There’s plenty more that you’ll see if you hire John Simpson, MAI to do the review.