John’s Books

Quality starts at the top.  John Simpson MAI, the Managing Director, has written 4 books for the Appraisal Institute (including Valuation of Marinas), the Marina Investment book, 11 articles for the Appraisal Institute’s Appraisal Journal, many articles for various magazines (especially Marina Dock Age & Boat and Motor Dealer), and is a nationally known appraiser.


Valution_of_MarinasValuation of Marinas

We created the mold that others follow.  The Valuation of Marinas book is the only Appraisal Institute published source covering marina valuation; we’ve also had numerous marina articles published (see the links below).  Simply put… we know marinas.

Published by:  The Appraisal Institute; 88 pages (also on

Description:  The only book published by the Appraisal Institute on marina valuation; in-depth coverage of marina components, what makes marinas different from other property types, applications of all three traditional approaches to value, and a case study.

Description from the Appraisal Institute website:  “Valuation of Marinas provides background information, definitions, a brief investment history and a description of all the factors that affect marinas.  Readers learn about the site differences, building differences and business elements that distinguish marinas from other types of properties.  The author explains highest and best use, the three traditional approaches to value, and special valuation issues that relate to marinas.  For more information, ordering and a further description of the book, click Valuation of Marinas at”

For chapter outlines and an independent review of the book, click Valuation of Marinas book details.


Property Inspection: An Appraiser’s Guide

Published by:  The Appraisal Institute; 98 pages (also on

Description:  A guide for beginning and intermediate appraisers detailing the many aspects of inspecting real estate including developing a property inspection system, inspection tools, site inspection, home inspection, and commercial building inspection, all from the appraiser’s point of view.  For more information, ordering and a further description of the Property Inspection book, click Property Inspection at




Cooperative Apartment Appraisal

Published by:  The Appraisal Institute; 56 pages (also on

Description:  The only book published by the Appraisal Institute on valuing cooperative apartments covering the history of co-ops, their unique valuation aspects, valuing the individual cooperative unit, valuing the entire cooperative project, fractional interests, and the future of co-ops. For more information, ordering and a further description of the Cooperative Apartment Appraisal book, click Cooperative Apartment Appraisal at





Appraising Industrial Properties

Published by:  The Appraisal Institute; 461 pages (also on

Description:  The definitive book on valuing industrial properties by the Appraisal Institute.  John Simpson, MAI was the Contributing Editor who authored the Industrial Land Valuation, High-Tech Industrial Properties, and Case Study chapters; he also co-authored the Industrial Appraisal Assignment, Industrial Site and Improvement Analysis, and Applying the Three Approaches to Value chapters.  For more information, ordering and a further description of Appraising Industrial Properties book, click Appraising Industrial Properties at




In addition to the books above, we’ve published a plethora of articles on a wide variety of valuation topics with an emphasis on marina valuation.  Click the links below to view them in PDF format.


Appraisal Journal

Cap Rates