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There are places where appraisal theory breaks down in its application to appraising marinas.  By a large margin, finding comparable rentals for marina restaurants and repair facilities is the most egregious. Appraisal Theory Appraisers are supposed to find comparable rentals to determine the market rental rate.  This also comes in handy when the subject is leased and.
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Valuing the Commercial Pier

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There are tough marina appraisals… and there are TOUGH marina appraisals.  Valuing a commercial pier fits into the upper tier. A commercial pier is a long pier, typically a T-head, that is usually constructed with a wooden frame, pre-stressed concrete piling, and a pre-cast boxed concrete decking on top.  It can be several hundred feet long.
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In the first part, I indicated that I had to turn this dockominium valuation assignment down.  'Curious why? There are many reasons. Let's start with the most obvious.  It should be clear that I don't share any bit of optimism about this asset that the prospective purchaser does.  That means that what I would provide would.
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